About Grand Rapids Rubber

Here at Grand Rapids Rubber, we take pride in our long history; not because we’ve managed to stick around, but because it stands for our consistent and enduring commitment to the values that guide our business operations, customer interactions, and relationships within our team.

Whether your next job or project requires something specific, unique, or both, our proven excellence in industrial distribution and custom fabrication means you get what you need, every time.


Grand Rapids Rubber.
Strong Foundation. Flexible Solutions.


The technology we use has changed, but our core values still guide everything we do at Grand Rapids Rubber.

Customer Satisfaction. We believe that our customers should not just be satisfied but impressed with every interaction they have with the GR Rubber team. We take pride in the long-term customer relationships we’ve built through open communication, competitive pricing, and excellent service.

Our team is motivated by customer success, and our primary goal is to create lasting customer relationships by exceeding expectations in our products and services.

Strong Foundation. Our longevity is a testament to the knowledge and tenacity of our senior leadership and team. We strive to offer goods and services and our experience and expertise to create solutions for our customers.

GR Rubber has a long history in the rubber industry, and we pride ourselves on our expertise and experience.

Flexible Solutions. Our team has extensive knowledge in the rubber industry and the ingenuity and creativity to turn a customer’s ideas and specifications into the parts they need.

We specialize in creating custom fabricated products to our customer’s specifications and therefore value agility, ingenuity, and creativity.

Innovation. Our team is constantly learning about new processes, products, and machinery that help us deliver best-in-class solutions to our customers.

These values have formed a lasting foundation that we continue to build upon every day.


Established in 1943 by founder Alvin Bergsma, Grand Rapids Rubber began as a two-story warehouse with just two employees.

Since then, we’ve grown into a new location, through three generations of family ownership, and have had the pleasure of servicing industrial markets in our community for over 70 years.

Our employees arrive every day to a work environment that is empowering, collaborative, and welcoming.

We’re a team of smart, skilled individuals who each bring something unique to the table, and we believe it’s these different perspectives and approaches that allow us to innovate, grow, and provide the excellent work and service that we strive for.


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We value our employees, and in turn, our employees value learning experiences, growth potential, independent thinking, and collaboration. Does this sound like you? Start your career below.