The Industrial Woven Fiberglass Coated Series is our most versatile and commonly used PTFE Fabric. They are food safe and FDA Compliant. They offer an excellent balance between heat transfer, release and flexibility. These fabrics are manufactured from woven fiberglass substrates, possess an optimal PTFE content, and leave a minimal fabric impression. This series of industrial fabrics is engineered to serve a broad range of industrial and general purpose applications.

Typical Applications

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  • Poly bag manufacturing
  • Impulse/L-Bar sealing
  • Form fill and seal
  • Over wrapping (Tray packing)
  • Side and End sealing
  • Blister tray covers
  • Vacuum pack machines
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Food Products

  • Non-stick baking, cooking, and drying
  • Food dehydration
  • Smoking of meat and fish
  • Flash-freezing meat, poultry, and fish
  • Oven and microwave liners for home and industrial kitchens

Printing and Textiles

  • Heat transfer presses
  • Silkscreen table covers
  • Fabric lamination
  • Garment fusing
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Polymer Processing

  • Vulcanizing presses
  • Rubber curing presses
  • Manufacture of filter media
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Building Products

  • Manufacture of specialty wood-based

  • Vinyl window manufacturing

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Aerospace, Communications & Military

  • Composite mold release/bonding
  • Vacuum bagging

Chemical Processing

  • Tank seals and contaminant barriers.
  • Gaskets, membranes, seals & diaphragms
  • Corrosion resistant chute, drum, and hopper lines
  • Protective curtains and aprons

Other Applications

  • Insulation and protection
  • Release sheets/separation materials
  • Printed circuit board manufacturing
  • Wire and cable insulation and protection
  • Manufacture of metalized balloons



Continuous Operating Temperature Range -100° to 550° F
Substrate Woven Fiberglass
Coating PTFE
Color Tan
Food Safety FDA Compliant
Item Number Nominal Thickness (inches) Weight (lbs. / sq. yard)Tensile Fill (lbs. / in.)Edge Tear Warp (oz.)Edge Tear Fill (oz.)Full Widths (inches)
20-03 .003 0.25 32 13 9 40, 80
20-05 .005 0.46 96 28 25 40, 80*
20-06 .006 0.54 96 28 25 40, 80*
20-25 .025 1.50 472 225 225 62
*Although material width is standard, additional lead-time may be required. Please note: Additional thicknesses and styles are available upon special order.

What is PTFE?

Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), a fluorocarbon plastic, is a plastic in which the hydrogen normally found in association with carbon in organic materials has been replaced with fluorine. The resulting polymer possesses a number of unique properties: inertness to chemicals, fire resistance (will not support a frame); excellent weathering resistance; low friction (second only to ice); superior anti-stick properties; flexibility; extreme heat and cold resistance; outstanding electrical, insulative and dielectric properties; and resistance to ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR), microwave and radio frequency (RF).

Mechanical PTFE Fabrics are manufactured in 4 common thicknesses: 0.003″, 0.005″, 0.009″, 0.010″, and 0.014″