Our Capabilities

We specialize in providing exceptional custom fabrication services, combining our expertise and ingenuity with top-of-the-line technologies to create parts that are exactly what you need.

Gasket Fabrication

From creating one-of-a-kind parts to cost-effective rubber gasket fabrication, we pride ourselves in the expertise and ingenuity that powers our capabilities here at Grand Rapids Rubber.


Our adhesive lamination service allows you to construct exactly what you need, without hassle or waste.

Tape Converting

Need a non-standard tape width? We can split all types of pressure sensitive tapes to any width you specify and down to 3/16 pine stripping – no waste necessary.

Rubber Roll Slitting

Thick or thin, we cut our high-quality sheet rubber rolls and foams to the sizes you need.

Hose Assembly

Save time and be confident in the security and precision of our hose assembly services.