Who We Serve

Grand Rapids Rubber has worked proudly with industrial markets across the nation since 1943.

Cities & Local Municipalities

Competitive pricing, shorter lead times, and quality work make us the vendor of choice for local governments.


We’re committed to the transparent supply lines and exceptional precision needed for military applications.


Our experts understand the need for precision in every part – and they can deliver.

Food Processing

Our promise of flexible solutions means the products we supply are up to spec and up to code.


We supply the parts necessary for accuracy and innovation in healthcare machinery.

Furniture & Woodworking

Furniture brings function and design together, but unique looks need unique parts.


Our products, like our clients’, are built to last.

Well Drilling

We source and sell products that help power through even the toughest jobs.

Plastic Injection Molding & Extrusion

Complex machinery requires parts that are both durable and precise. We’ve got it covered.


Sturdy parts fit together for sturdy machinery, fit to withstand any conditions.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO)

Keeping the lights on requires great people and great materials, tools, and parts.

Dust Collection

Our parts and products help to create safe, clean environments everywhere.


Trusted products keep HVAC systems running smoothly for clean, comfortable environments.

Agriculture & Farming

We supply agricultural industries with the parts and products that work as hard as the people using them.