Grand Rapid’s Rubber supplies KUSHON® open cellular rubber based predominantly on natural rubber.

Used worldwide in a variety of industries: automotive, protective and promotional matting, carpet underpad, footwear and die ejection. KUSHON is the go-to product for designers. Our products are available as roll and sheet goods in multiple thickness and width options to suit your specific needs.


  • ANTI-SLIP: Natural rubber is inherently anti-slip with a high coefficient of friction.
  • BROAD RANGE OF CONSTRUCTIONS: Can be laminated with a broad range of materials including textiles and cork.
  • BROAD RANGE OF THICKNESS: Select products are available in thicknesses as low as 0.040” and as high as 1” depending upon grade.
  • ELECTROSTATICALLY DISSIPATIVE: Select grades are electrostatically dissipative.
  • FLEXIBLE FORMATS: Product can be supplied as either roll goods or sheet goods.
  • TOUGH AND DURABLE: Extremely resistant to abrasion and tearing.

Technical Data


ASTM Description Value
Standard Color Black
Polymer Natural Rubber
D1056 Density (Average), lb./cubic ft 26
Compression Deflection (psi) at 25% deflection 5-10
Compression Deflection Change after Oven Aging, (%) 168 hrs @ 158°F: '+/- 20
Compression Set (% max) 50% deflection @ 158°F: 15
Temperature Range -20°F to 160°F
Item Number Color Thickness Inches Width Inches
GD22011000 Black 1/16 36
GD22011050 Black 3/16 36
GD22011100 Black 3/8 36
GD22011200 Black 1 36