UHMW PE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) has incredible durability and versatility, which makes it a favorite among engineers and designers in nearly every industry worldwide.

UHMW-PE’s long molecular chain gives it a host of exceptional attributes: high abrasion resistance, low coefficient of friction and unparalleled impact resistance. By its very nature, UHMW-PE is the ideal solution for reducing wear and friction, while enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Our UHMW-PE tape is supplied with a pressure sensitive adhesive system (peel and stick) or one side abraided for use with contact cements and epoxies. These options eliminate the need for mechanical fastening and open up unlimited application opportunities for UHMW.


  • Available in plain wear-strip or backed with rubber adhesive
  • Excellent abrasion and wear resistance
  • Very high impact strength
  • Available in natural color – meets FDA and USDA guidelines
  • No moisture absorption
  • Self-lubricating – no need for oils or lubricants
  • Excellent noise abatement properties
  • Chemical resistance and corrosion resistant
  • Maintains performance and properties at 30°C
  • Meets ASTM-D-4020
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Conforms to flammability rating UL 94 HB

Technical Data


Product Specs

MECHANICAL PROPERTIESASTM TestUnits Metric (U.S.)UHMW Thickness Gauge (0.010")
Tensile Strength @ YieldD638Mpa(psi)23(3300)
Tensile Strength @ BreakD638Mpa(psi)53(7740)
Elongation @ BreakD638%460
Youngs "E" ModulusD638Mpa(psi X 105)725(1.05)
Izod Impact StrengthD256 ¹J/m(ft-lb/in notch)*
Hardness Shore "D"D2240-65
Water AbsorptionD570%Nil
Rel. Solution ViscosityD4020dl/gm2.3-3.5
Coefficient of FrictionD1894-96Static0.16
Coefficient of FrictionD1894-96Dynamic0.14
¹ Izod Impact: Samples have 2(15° +/- 1/2°) notches on opposite sides to a depth of 5mm
Crystalline Melting RangePolarizing°C(°F)136(276)
Volume ResistivityD257Ohms/cm5.9544x10⁷
Dielectric StrengthD150Kv/cm(V/mil)*
Dielectric ConstantD1502.39
Surface ResistivityD257Ohms/cm10¹³
Static DecaySeconds<.01
Dissipation Factor
At 50HzD150*
At 10KHzD150-0.001
At 5MHzD150-0.001